Sunday, January 17, 2010

Four CLHS Students Missing in Boat Mishap

GEORGETOWN: The body of one of the five Chung Ling High School students, who went missing after their boat capsized in strong waves off Macallum Street Ghaut here, has been found.

Rescue workers found the body at 2.45pm on Sunday, believed to be that of Jason Ch'ng.

According to George Town acting OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng, Ch’ng’s body was found under a boat not far from the shore.

Earlier, the body of their teacher Chin Aik Siang, 27, who was the school’s dragon boat team advisor, was found at about 11am.

A total of 17 students, aged between 16 and 17 years, and their teacher-cum-coach were training for a dragon boat race when the incident occurred at about 9am on Sunday just as the team was doing the final lap before returning to the shore.

The boat capsized when the students were doing a sharp manoeuvre, which hit a tug boat.

It is believed that strong currents had pulled the students into the water.

Twelve other students however managed to swim to the shore.

Some of them swam about 1km while some were rescued by two passing fishing boats.

A search and rescue operation has been mounted by the police, the Fire and Rescue Department and the Civil Defence Department.

The sunken boat has been recovered and towed to the shore.

Meanwhile, parents of the missing students are keeping a vigil near the scene.

Many of them were seen weeping openly and are being consoled by their relatives.

Those missing have been identified as Brandon Yeoh, Jason Ch’ng, Koh Yiz Hiang, Cheah Zi Jun, all 17, and Yong Xiang, 16.

It is learnt that some of the 17 students were not wearing life jackets.

It is learnt that the teacher Chin had only been recently appointed to the post.

He had been teaching science and mathematics for the past two years.

His body was sent to the Penang Hospital for post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Kuah Zi Xun, 17, who swam to the shore, said the strong current pulled down the students.

“Some of the who were wearing life jackets were also pulled down. I hope all my friends are safe,” he said.

Currently, more than 100 personnel from St John Ambulance, Rela, Penang Hospital, volunteer firefighters and divers from the Fire and Rescue Services department are involved in the search operations.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob told a press conference that the incident occurred about 150m from the shore.

“We are still investigating how many of them were wearing life jackets,” he said.

*by The Star Online*

Felt very very shocked when i get to know this tragedy. So unpredictable. I still don’t get it. Why? Why is god so mean to them? Why? They’re good,innocent students,perfect in academic and sports! Why is this happening??


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disted Rocks!

CLHS Boys in Disted

It's been sometime since i blogged. haha,sorry guys! Finally it's 2010,new year new hopes! I'm studying South Australian Matriculation (S.A.M) in Disted College currently,and i'm supposed to sleep now...early class tomorrow =.=

anyway,i'm glad i went to disted,made lotsa new friends and a brand new study environment. Took 3 science subjects,ESL and another one would either be Mathematical Studies or Psychology (still unsure). Timetables are crazy in disted,pity those A levels students who don't have time for lunch *haiz* and i have a complete 4hours of free period in friday.
Hope i can cope with all the tough science subjects!

2010 means :

1) For the next 10 years, it will be 2011, 2012, 2013, etc...

2) Within the next 10 years, I will graduate and I expect myself to have a proper job and career

3) Within the next 10 years, If I'm lucky enough, I might be married .

4) Within the next 10 years, I'll be hitting 20s

5) Within the next 10 years, I should have attended some of my friend's wedding

So, I guess you got my drift, within the next decade, so much things gonna happen!


yang boy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mum's Convocation in USM

Skived school on Thursday to attend mummy’s convocation ceremony in USM. It was a BIG day for all of us as mum finally ended her Degree –
Bachelor of Social Science in Economics
for five whole years.
Congrats Mum!

That was really a stupendous achievement!

To finish a degree when you’re working and studying at the same time makes life a lot more bitter than a normal undergraduate. You have to cope with your studies,working pressure,and family too… Well,my mum isn’t any ordinary woman. No. She’s our superwoman. I’m not being modest,trying to show off but after five years of struggle,struggle and struggle again in her assignments and taking care of the entire household,I simply couldn’t deny that she’s super. Just take a look at her exam results… She earned Usm’s Dean List (Best student award) for a consecutive three years,and was always top in every subject… Except Islamic studies I think… But anyway,who gives a damn about this lamer-than-lame subject? Not even malays I’m afraid….
As we only had 2 tickets for entries into the hall,me and dad went to view the entire ceremony,leaving Zhen and Jia wandering outside.Oops. The Graduating ceremony turned out to be as boring as my moral lesson at school. Well,I’ve got my headphones with me so MJ and Debussy’s music filled my ears throughout the long-winded function rather than those wheezy professors calling out strings of graduates name and useless speeches…
Photo Time!!

Flowers for mum :)

Mum and Dad :)
USM's Dewan
After the ceremony :)
Family photo :)
The ladies :)
*WAVES* We're the graduates!! Woohoo!! xD
Kay,this is funny... hahaha,they threw their hats :)

Nice. Saw CLHS's Ex-Student Banner in front of the hall ;-)

Muakz...sweet move,dad... xD

And US!! Kiss Kiss Kiss....


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009


Spent half of my first day of June in the Pusat Latihan Memandu Penang for the Lima Jam Setengah Undang Lecture. Believe it or not,there were only 8 people present today! (7 of them are chinese,including me) The whole hall was a bit too quiet and we were very lucky to have the 'best' lecturer on-air.

The first one-Mr Yusri,nice guy with a Robbert Pattinson hair style. Laughed a lot over his jokes during his lecture session. ^^
Always curi tulang with excuses like: hari ini sikit orang,i boleh habis ceramah dalam masa 2 jam saja... you orang sudah minum ke? i bagi you semua pi rehat... kantin ada di belakang,pi makan lah... i bagi masa 1.30 jam rehat...

Second one-Mr Sin,strict guy that looks almost like a malay. Well,his lecture was quite boring but at least i learnt some tips on car parking :)

Then i met a new friend there...Esther!!
Because of her i manage to solve Rubik's Cube twice in an hour. Woo,thanks!!
Well,she was the friendliest among the teens there. I'm impressed with her social skills,she seemed to know everyone in just 5 hours...

Thanks a lot for teaching! But too bad i only remember about 30% of the formulas now ^^

my dear rubiks :)

Holidays Are Here!!

To all my form 5 buddies,do enjoy our last ever June holidays. After this year,we'll end our secondary school life. And there will never be a mid-year 2 weeks holiday again... So,play as crazy as you can and study as much as possible.

(no joke,SPM's right around the corner!)

Finished our 2nd term exam in CLHS before the hols,did add maths very badly,probably will fail again... Promised my parents to try my very best in percubaan though. Anyone willing to give me private lessons on add maths? I'm willing to pay as long as you're good! NO joke!

It's been a time since i update my blog. Sorry guys ^^

Latest photo featuring my whole family.
latar tempat: Queen's Swenzen's Restaurant

Sunday, April 12, 2009

<韵艺.酝忆> 钟中华乐团演奏会

Hey guys!! i'm so so sorry for the very late updates... i'm Busy+Lazy recently,haha,paiseh yar... Yesterday was "CLHS chinese orchectra's concert" Day and me as a 华乐member participated in the performance =P haha. Special thanks to my brothers- Khye Shen,Nerry,Phern Kern,Shaun for showing up... then to the girls- Zhao Min,Chaw Yeh who decided going at the very last minute... haha! Thanks for the support,i really appreciate it!!

Orchestra Rehearsal at Dewn Sri Pinang before the concert :) we started our practice from 9am-7.25pm then the concert starts on 8pm. The practice was very tiring,i get exhausted before the performance started. haha.

sorry yar,i didn't take any photos on the concert. Cause i'm at the back stage all the time...

Mellow de Concert's schedule:

鼓乐重奏 : 《牛斗虎》

初中及新生合奏 : 《男儿当自强》 《 小城故事》

中阮独奏 : 《火把之夜》 (田航澍)

二胡齐奏 : 《葡萄熟了》

大合奏 : 《长城随想曲》 《丰年祭》

弹拨乐合奏 : 《南亚风情》 《小夜曲》

大合奏 : 《在那遥远的地方》 《牛郎织女》 《东海渔歌》

after the concert,we cleared up our instruments into the lorry then went back to clhs. Again,we moved our instruments back to the store room and by then its already midnight!! yawn...

i'm so not satisfied with our team's performance in the concert. After all the practice and everything,we didn't showed the crowd our best. I need to apologise too for the mistakes i made in 东海渔歌... Sorry,team!!

yo,check this video!

Hang Shu's daruan solo. Took this video in the store room last week :) Damn cool fingerings...